Why are my search engine rankings so low?

Why are my search engine rankings so low? First, check where the bulk of your traffic is coming from. If you’re not getting any organic visitors to your website, it might be because Google thinks that your site isn’t relevant for its users. The easiest way to get started with SEO is by creating great content regularly and building links (keywords in the anchor text) pointing back to your pages.

You should start by checking which keywords are triggering searches about what you write about – this will help guide future posts and allow you to optimize them further down the line when they do well organically! You can also use SEMrush or Moz’s Keyword Explorer tool for this purpose. Make sure that these terms are used consistently throughout all social media accounts, website copy, and links.

Second, are you creating valuable content? If your site does not have any useful or interesting information on it for users to read through – they’re going to bounce straight back out of the search results again. Great content will help Google better understand what your page is about so that their algorithm can rank it higher in searches automatically. You might want to consider hiring a professional writer who specializes in marketing if this sounds like too much work for one person.

Finally, ensure that there’s enough diversity among all of the incoming links pointing towards pages on your site as well as other sites linking back to yours. If you’ve got a Facebook page, Twitter profile, and LinkedIn business page – make sure that they’re all consistent, so your followers can find the same information across different platforms.This helps build up authority and means that Google will see you more often when people search for relevant terms.

There are several other factors to consider when understanding why Google might be sending traffic away from your site. Still, these are some of the most important basics that will help you start understanding how SEO works. Good luck with getting those rankings up.